Claire - Claire Contract Check

Claire checks and offers suitable solutions

What does Claire Do?

As entrepreneur in the flexible labour market you will often be confronted with complex contracts. Usually incomprehensible and inscrutable. I will gladly help you to understand the contract and I will explain the risks. Together we will then discuss how best to deal with the risks. All for a fixed price so that you know what your costs are in advance. Various options are listed below.


Claire Start - Claire Contract Check

Claire Start

Contract Analysis
Overview of Risks

Claire Plus - Claire Contract Check

Claire Plus

Contract Analysis
Overview of Risks
Detailed Explanation

Claire Premium - Claire Contract Check

Claire Premium

Contract Analysis
Overview of Risks
Detailed Explanation
Contract Match

What does Claire do for you?

Quick and clear overview of risks

Understandable and practical advice

Awareness of legal risks

Detailed explanation of risks

Optimization of the recruitment process

The perfect legal match for all parties involved

What does Claire check in your contract?

Terms of the contract and the grounds for termination

Legal risks

Liability, indemnity and insurance requirements

Intellectual property (IP), confidentiality and privacy

Other points requiring attention

Tax and legal compliance is an absolutely must for us, our clients and our employees Claire ensures we are kept up to date and implements necessary changes in our contracts immediately.

Antoinette Willems, Director Yellowstone International